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Florida vs Northern Colorado Cancelled Due to Irma Threat

Gators vs. Bears cancelled leaving UF with only 11 regular season games for the second year in a row

Vanderbilt v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Officials from the University of Florida and the University of Northern Colorado have cancelled Saturday’s match up in anticipation of Hurricane Irma.

The game was originally rescheduled for Saturday at 7:30 on SEC Network but was moved to noon earlier in the week as Irma descended upon South Florida. Today, officials made the smart move to cancel the game altogether while the southern and eastern coasts of the state evacuate.

“We have been in constant communication this week with the University and government officials,” Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin said. “As the Hurricane’s track has approached the state of Florida, it’s become obvious that playing a football game is not the right thing to do. The main focus of our state and region needs to be on evacuations and relief efforts. There is a tremendous amount of stress currently on the roads of this state, and the availability of gas, water and other supplies are at critical levels. Playing a college football game Saturday would only add to that stress.”

The athletic department added that because the two schools do not share a common open date, the game will not be rescheduled this season. This leaves the Gators with just 11 regular season games for the second year in a row and the third time since 2014.

It is unfortunate for the players, coaches and fans who wanted to see the team come out and remove the Michigan game from their memories, but is absolutely the correct decision. It is hard to focus on a football game at a time like this and this decision gives residents one less thing to worry about when the storm hits.

The Gators will have to wait until Saturday, September 16th when the Gators host Tennessee to see if the offense has improved.

Until then, stay safe out there Floridians.