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Watch: Cool, calm and collected is ESPN reporter Cole Cubelic. The official, meanwhile, gives him the death glare


SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic was trying to do a feature report on the sidelines during Arkansas’ matchup with Florida A&M.

As is the case sometimes, life, and fate intervened. This time around, in the form of a referee. The side judge and Cubelic bumped into one another as the analyst was going through his analysis of three-point stances. Let’s go to the video tape...

Wooooo, buddy. That’s quite the death stare that the official gave Cubelic following the bump. Granted, Cubelic is a former offensive lineman. He’s been around the block a few times, if you know what I mean. But I can’t imagine feeling that kind of heat from this:

That’s harsh. That’s mean. That’s any kind of similar synonym.

“It was in that moment... ... ...”

(h/t ESPN, SEC Network)