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Team Speed Kills 2016 Power Rankings: WEEK SIX EDITION

A big move up the power rankings for one team while much of the rest stays stagnant.

Missouri v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

We’re back! This week we received votes from the following blogs:

Roll ‘Bama Roll

And The Valley Shook

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Garnet & Black Attack

Rocky Top Talk

Good Bull Hunting

We were able to fetch 11 TSK staffers to vote, so 17 ballots were cast for this week’s power rankings.

Off we go.

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

(Score: 13.35; Highest Vote: 11; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 13)

“Sluggish is likely not even the word for that game over the weekend.” -- Christopher Novak

“Played gamely. Still lost.” -- ATVS

13. Kentucky Wildcats

(Score: 13.05; Highest Vote: 12; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 12)

“No one would’ve blamed you if you stood Alabama up for your date on Saturday, Kentucky.” -- Christopher Novak

“There is no shame in losing to Alabama. It’s the rest of the season they should be ashamed of.” -- ATVS

“At least Mark Stoops didn't pull a page from the Lee Corso playbook” -- Alex Dusza

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

(Score: 12.05; Highest Vote: 11; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 14)

“That was a nice effort from the Gamecocks on Saturday. A.J. Turner is a quality player.” -- Christopher Novak

“Made A&M sweat. The worst kind of victory: a moral victory.” -- ATVS

11. Missouri Tigers

(Score: 11.29; Highest Vote: 10; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 10)

“I’m not upset that my alma mater got spanked. I’m upset that I wasn’t in Baton Rouge to witness it. Goodness, I need to get down there.” -- Christopher Novak

“Got taken behind the woodshed and beaten by a sock full of nickels. That was ugly.” -- ATVS

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs

(Score: 10.23; Highest Vote: 9; Lowest Vote: 11; Last Week: 11)

“Not really sure I’ll ever have a solid opinion about this team this season. Yes, even after a bye week.” -- Christopher Novak

“Took a week off, so they could curl up in the fetal position and cry about their remaining schedule.” -- ATVS

9. Georgia Bulldogs

(Score: 8; Highest Vote: 6; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 8)

“Georgia can’t even get the right place even after having an average of ‘8’ for this week’s power rankings. Brutal. Also: Nice.” -- Christopher Novak

“Flat out pissed the win away. Forget the miracle last second play, the fumble in the end zone was an egregious mistake that angered the football gods.” -- ATVS

“Actually showed a heartbeat this week” -- Alex Dusza

8. Auburn Tigers

(Score: 7.41; Highest Vote: 6; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 7)

“Nice again. Auburn’s streak of home games ends this weekend.” -- Christopher Novak

“Getting used to winning games at home again.” -- ATVS

7. Florida Gators

(Score: 7.35; Highest Vote: 5; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 6)

“That offense needs some kind of shot in the arm. Florida’s in some doodoo otherwise. At least the defense is legit.” -- Christopher Novak

“Won a conference game and somehow feels worse about themselves.” -- ATVS

6. LSU Tigers

(Score: 6.56; Highest Vote: 4; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 9)

“Da Coach O gonna bring you back up in the power rankings.” -- Christopher Novak

“The kind of thorough destruction of an SEC team that makes you wonder what in the hell Les Miles has been doing this year.” -- ATVS

“If performances like that contribute, they wouldn't actually hire Orgeron full time.... Would they?” -- Alex Dusza

5. Arkansas Razorbacks

(Score: 5.05; Highest Vote: 4; Lowest Vote: 6; Last Week: 5)

“Gonna find out an awful lot about the Hogs this weekend against ‘Bama.” -- Christopher Novak

“Beat up on a hapless foe, but the game was over by the end of the first quarter.” -- ATVS

4. Ole Miss Rebels

(Score: 4; Highest Vote: 3; Lowest Vote: 6; Last Week: 3)

“Evan Engram is a problem, and so is this Ole Miss offense.” --- Christopher Novak

“Revenge is a dish best never served against Memphis, as that means you lost to them at some point. Still, the Rebels settled family business.” -- ATVS

3. Tennessee Volunteers

(Score: 3.23; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 4)

“There’s something very 2013 Auburn about this team.” -- Christopher Novak

“I’m curious if the horseshoe wedged up Butch’s rectum is causing any gastro-intestinal issues. He should see a doctor after the season.” -- ATVS

2. Texas A&M Aggies

(Score: 2.17; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 2)

“Week 6 is where things usually fall apart for A&M. The Aggies host the Vols this weekend. Welp.” -- Christopher Novak

“Struggled a bit to beat USCe, but that’s what good teams do: win. Seemingly half the team was injured, and the Aggies were clearly looking ahead to next week, but still managed to beat the inferior opponent with a disinterested effort.” -- ATVS

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (17)

(Score: 1; First-Place Votes: 17; Last Week: 1)

“Just a dang machine. Can’t wait to see them play Arkansas.” -- Christopher Novak

“Didn’t quite light up Kentucky the way they could have, probably because they were warned about FCC guidelines before the game.” -- ATVS