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Topics for Discussion: Who Will Challenge Georgia in the SEC East? How Good Is A&M?

Plus: Is there such a thing as a sure thing in the SEC now? Who's the worst team in the conference? And what game other than the one in Athens are you looking forward to next week?

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Who is Georgia's biggest challenger? The SEC East's other six teams spent Saturday in various forms of self-immolation or bailing themselves out of said self-immolation. Florida spent three quarters doing all it could to lose its game against Tennessee, only to win the game on a bizarre series of plays in the fourth. Kentucky took down Missouri, joining Florida and Georgia as the only teams in the SEC East that already have two division wins. Vanderbilt continued to show some defensive skill against Ole Miss, even though they came up short, while South Carolina scuffled to put away a terrible UCF. So do the Dawgs still have to worry primarily about Tennessee? Or could the Gators or the Wildcats be just as much of a problem?

What should we make of Texas A&M? The resemblance to last year's team -- which ended up 8-5 after the first game seemed to promise so much more -- is no longer something that can be casually ignored. At the same time, the Aggies are now 4-0 after a month of play and just as alive in the SEC West as anybody else. But the meat of the conference schedule is still ahead of them, and the Arizona State victory that built up the hype has taken on almost as much water as last year's season-opening win against South Carolina. Is this a team that can make a legitimate run at Atlanta?

Pick a future game in the SEC in which you are 100 percent confident of the result. After a week in which it seemed that everything unpredictable that could happen did, go ahead -- name a game that you have no doubt about which way it will go. Here's the schedule. Is there a contest that hasn't happened yet that you can look at and say, "Yes, this is the way this game will go"? Or are we in for 2007-esque levels of volatility?

Who should be No. 14 in the SEC Power Poll this week? Since we've had so much debate, let's open up the floor in a free-for-all. (Be nice.) Who's the worst team in the conference? Again, South Carolina needed a second-half comeback to beat a team that is making its case as the worst team in the FBS. Vanderbilt gave a very good Ole Miss team a run for its money. Arkansas pushed Texas A&M before fading late, while Missouri became the first ranked team to lose to Kentucky in five years. So which team should get the last spot on our ballot this week?

Aside from Alabama-Georgia, what is the most intriguing conference game next Saturday? The tilt between the Crimson Tide and the Dawgs is perhaps the first true marquee game in the SEC this year, so let's go ahead and take that as a given for the No. 1 match-up of the week. But there are some undercards that could be interesting for either the right reasons or the wrong ones. South Carolina goes to Missouri, Tennessee hosts Arkansas, Ole Miss travels to Gainesville and Mississippi State faces Texas A&M in College Station. Which one of those games is the second-best showdown of the week, and why?