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Fired Auburn Baseball Head Coach Sunny Golloway Responds: 'Jay Jacobs Is Wrong'

It doesn't look like Golloway is going to go down without a fight, or at least a few hundred thousand dollars

When Auburn announced Sunday that head baseball coach Sunny Golloway had been fired with cause, conveniently freeing the Tigers from paying his buyout, there were two ways it could go: Quietly and with relative ease, or loudly and with a torrent of litigation and hurt feelings. Guess which way it's going.

Yes, it looks like we could soon have a humdinger of a lawsuit by the name of Sunny Golloway vs. Auburn University. (Or something like that. It's more likely the athletics association gets sued.) And this doesn't seem like an idle threat of legal action right now; Golloway is saying the kind of things you say when you're ready to head to court.

The practical effect of all this is simply going to be whether Auburn has to pay the buyout. Golloway's time as head coach of the Tigers' baseball program is done; all that's up in the air right now is just how ugly the final break will be.