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A Brief Look at Cost of Attendance

It means different things to different schools.

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A little over a week ago, the Power Five conferences used their new NCAA autonomy to pass a rule that allows themselves to pay athletes money above and beyond the current rates, up to the full cost of attendance.

What constitutes full cost of attendance varies from school to school. The total paid out will also vary from school to school depending on how much that cost of attendance is and how many athletes the school has.

A few presidents and athletic directors have been talking about what that cost will be. I did some searching yesterday and found a few totals. Here is a look at what schools will be facing. For what it's worth, Kansas State's president thinks the grand total of new spending just on cost of attendance across all participating schools will exceed $100 million.

Non-Power 5 schools may not have to join in, depending on their conferences and/or preferences.

School Estimated Cost
Auburn $2 million set aside
Florida "A little over a million"
Illinois $1 million
Iowa $600,000
Kent State Up to $1.1 million
Michigan State $1 million
Mississippi State over $1 million
Missouri $1 million, estimated
Nebraska $930,000
Penn State $1.75 million
Pittsburgh $1 million
Texas Tech $1.3-$1.4 million
Virginia Tech $900,000
West Virginia $800,000, estimated
Wisconsin $500,000
Wyoming $700,000

If you've seen any other official estimates or totals, please put them in the comments.