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2014 SEC Baseball Tournament Results: Kentucky Wildcats 4, Florida Gators 2

The Wildcats probably shouldn't be winning right now, but that's not stopping them


Teams like Kentucky are not supposed to win in Hoover. Not because the Wildcats came into this game as the No. 9 seed facing the No. 1 seed in Florida. Instead, Kentucky is the kind of team that's supposed to have trouble in Hoover because they thrive on offense and struggle on pitching -- and Hoover Metropolitan is nothing if not a pitchers' park.

Nobody's bothered to tell Kentucky, whose win Wednesday was the second installment of what is shaping up to be a day of upsets in the SEC tournament. While it's not really surprising that the Wildcats have scored 11 runs in the first two games of the tournament, what is surprising is that a team with a 4.04 ERA has allowed just three runs in its first two games. Some of that is surely the stadium, and some of it might be luck -- but whatever it is, it has Kentucky one win away from the conference semifinals.

Florida, for its part, didn't really need a win today and doesn't really need one for the remainder of the tournament. The Gators won the SEC regular-season title and will be a national seed; the part of the season that matters to Florida begins next week.