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SEC Football Topics for Discussion: Whose Blowout Was the Most Impressive? How Quickly Will Muschamp Be Fired?

Also: Has Georgia turned out the lights on the race for the SEC East? Did some of Saturday's results cause the SEC West to lose luster? And which team is almost as bad as Vanderbilt?

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Who impressed you the most? After a season and a half of some of the wackiest games we've ever seen, the SEC found a new way to surprise us this week: Blowout after blowout after blowout. No team in the SEC won a game by less than 13 points Saturday, and the average margin of victory in conference games was 34 points. So did any of the teams particularly impress you with the way they blasted their respective opponents?

Has Will Muschamp's Florida program finally bottomed out? I don't know that I've ever seen a football program give up 119 yards of total offense -- including just 20 yards passing -- and end up losing a game 42-13, but that's exactly what the Gators managed to accomplish Saturday. Missouri averaged 1.1 yards a pass play and won by 29, in part because of a mind-boggling six turnovers by Florida. The question is no longer whether Muschamp is going to be fired (it hasn't been for quite some time), but when will Jeremy Foley finally drop the ax? And who should Florida consider after Muschamp is gone?

Can anybody catch Georgia in the SEC East? Arkansas was supposed to be one of the more dangerous non-Auburn teams left on the Dawgs' slate, given that the SEC West was perceived to be light-years ahead of the SEC East, and Georgia won by 13 in a game that wasn't really that close. The Dawgs hold the tiebreaker against Missouri, are a game ahead of Kentucky (the two play later) and two games up on everyone else, though that's a complicated if ultimately moot issue with South Carolina, who holds the tiebreaker. Vanderbilt has officially been eliminated. Is there any reason to believe that anybody in the division is a credible challenger to Georgia?

How much cachet did the SEC West lose on Saturday? Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU certainly looked good, but Texas A&M looked dreadful in a loss to the Crimson Tide that seems to make it clear that the Aggies' once-lofty ranking was a mirage caused by catching a mediocre South Carolina team on a particularly bad night. And Arkansas, as noted above, looked lost early against Georgia before stringing together a late comeback to make things respectable. So was any damage done to the SEC West's reputation as the best division in college football? It's probably not time to take that honor away from the West just yet, but is the gap between those teams and the rest of the country maybe a bit smaller than we all believed?

Who's No. 13? It seems pretty clear that the top five teams in the SEC are (in alphabetical order) Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Mississippi State and Ole Miss. And Vanderbilt still holds the title of the worst team in the conference. But there are five teams that I could see landing at No. 13 on my SEC Power Poll ballot: Arkansas, which still hasn't won an SEC game since 2012; Florida -- which, as noted above, managed to get blown out of a game while shutting down the other team's offense; Kentucky, whose win against South Carolina is really the only thing that recommends them at this point; South Carolina, a team that got hammered by a team that just got hammered by Alabama; and Tennessee, which is not only winless in conference but also lost its only other game against a member of the Power 5. Who in that bunch is the worst? And does one of them perhaps even belong -- gasp -- below Vanderbilt?