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What Are You Looking Forward to Most?

The season is almost upon us.

Jeff Gross

We have one week to go before the season really begins in earnest. For a few of you lucky souls, football is only five days away.

So with game day just about upon us, what are you looking forward to most?

I'm a Florida fan, so for me, I'm most interested in seeing what (if any) progress the Gators' offense will show. Toledo is the opening opponent, a MAC team that is pretty good. It's expected to be near the top of its division just as it was last year. Decent MAC teams have made for some uncomfortable openers in recent years, so I want to see some fluidity from the offensive attack.

After all, it is the second year in the scheme that Brent Pease brought in. It's the first year since 2010 that the team has the same offensive coordinator as it did the year before. Jeff Driskel is an upperclassman, and he got all of the first string reps (when healthy) without having to look over his shoulder. All of the practice reports about him have been positive, with him supposedly looking more comfortable and in command of the field.

The absence of top tailback Matt Jones will hold things back some, I know, but I just want to see something from the offense that looks effortless. Just a couple of drives. Heck, just one drive. Make me believe that the field is covered in four-star recruits. That there is a light at the end of this dark, five-year tunnel of lousy offense. That Pease really is the right guy for the job.

So that's what I want to see. What are you looking forward to most out of your team?