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Sprints Wonders What Would Have Happened If It Had Joined the Big 12 // 01.16.13

A couple of what-ifs lead our round-up of all the SEC news fit to make fun of

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Scott Halleran

It's the part of the year where Sprints can get a little sparse from time to time. But there's still a bit of news out there.

Did coming to the SEC cost Texas A&M the national title?
For Whom the Cowbell Tolls takes an interesting look at what might have happened in college football if the Aggies and the Tigers had stayed in the Big 12. I'm not sure I agree with every assumption they make -- which is part of the fun of alternative histories -- but it is a fascinating thought exercise.

Then there's the alternative history of the conference
Groo shows just how close the SEC has come to not having its seven-year streak of BCS titles. This gets to the main criticism of using the national title in college football to measure greatness -- it's a bit random. (I would argue that other sports' championships are just as random if not more so, but that's another post entirely.)

Still, the close calls highlight the fact that the playoffs might be better for the SEC than the BCS. It's almost inconceivable that a one-loss SEC champion would be left out of a four-team bracket, while we've come very close to just that happening to the conference winner with a two-team bracket.

You say goodbye
New Arkansas wide receivers coach George McDonald is going to be the new offensive coordinator at Syracuse. No, he can't do both at the same time

And I say hello
Barry Lunney Jr. will be Arkansas' new tight ends coach.

A&M coach to take least important job at Texas Tech
Matt Wallerstedt, the linebackers coach for the Aggies, will head to Lubbock to be defensive coordinator. Or, as it's referred to in the Raiders football team's organizational chart, "that guy that handles the other part of the team."

In a change, he'll pay them instead of the other way around
Cam Newton is still working to get his sociology degree from Auburn. I'm sure that puts a smile on Cecil Newton's face.

This makes no sense
Scot Loeffler and Logan Thomas -- a match made in heaven