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SEC TV Schedule, Week 2

This is an SEC sight now.
This is an SEC sight now.

Here's this week's slate, so keep a link for use this weekend.


Georgia at Missouri, Saturday, 7:45 pm ET, ESPN2

Call it Prose Bowl II, as this battle of highly rated J-schools is coming a week after Northwestern vs. Syracuse. This matchup is a point of pride for ink-stained wretches and has a significant tie breaker in the East as the prize.

Saturday, September 8

Auburn at Mississippi State, 12:00 pm ET, ESPN

Dan Mullen takes another shot at beating a team not named "Ole Miss", while Gene Chizik allegedly opens up his offensive playbook.

East Carolina at South Carolina, 12:21 pm ET, SEC Network

If Connor Shaw can't go for some reason, we might actually see Steve Spurrier win a game without completing a pass.

Florida at Texas A&M, 3:30 pm ET, ESPN

You know this trip to Aggieland is a big one because Florida actually took the bold step of naming a starting quarterback. Just imagine what the Gators might have done if A&M was ranked!

Western Kentucky at Alabama, 3:30 pm ET, SEC Network

I doubt we'll see any WKU players sarcastically pointing at the field saying, "They s'posed to be SEC" with this one.

Georgia State at Tennessee, 4:00 pm ET, PPV

Derek Dooley becomes the nest guy to blow out a Bill Curry team.

Washington at LSU, 7:00 pm ET, ESPN

This week's marquee non-conference game features a team that had trouble beating San Diego State going into Tiger Stadium at night. That should end well.

UTEP at Ole Miss, 7:00 pm ET, FSN

The Miners gave Oklahoma a lot of trouble over last weekend. This will probably be a closer game than most thought before the season.

Arkansas "at" UL-Monroe, 7:00 pm ET, ESPNU

The Razorbacks are playing a "road" game ""at"" Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock for an """accounting scam""" to keep ULM above the NCAA's required I-A attendance threshold. There, I think I just used my quota of sarcasm quotes for the month.

Kent State at Kentucky, 7:30 pm ET, CSS

You really are going to want to win this one, 'Cats.

Vanderbilt at Northwestern, 8:00 pm ET, Big Ten Network

The Commodores will be spending Sunday in the MQF after appearing on the BTN. It's for everyone's protection, especially their own.