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Sprints is Playing Old Man Football // 09.04.12

There's some graying there on the temples, so I guess he qualifies as an old man on some level.
There's some graying there on the temples, so I guess he qualifies as an old man on some level.

You must be new here.

Missouri DT Sheldon Richardson must have missed the memo that in this conference, you're not supposed to say anything interesting lest it end up on a bulletin board somewhere.

Asked if he watched Georgia's opener against Buffalo earlier in the day — a 45-23 Georgia victory — Richardson replied, "I watched that game. I turned it off, too. … It's like watching Big Ten football. It's old-man football."

"If we execute," he added, "nobody in this league can touch us. Period."

The Big Ten does not have a patent on winning with the running game and defense; the SEC's heritage in that department traces back at least to the days when Robert Neyland roamed the Tennessee sidelines in the '20s. The difference between the Big Ten's and SEC's version of the formula is, to borrow from Agent J, that we make it look good.

You won't believe this, but Richardson isn't allowed to talk to the media anymore.

Welcome back.

Tyrann Mathieu is enrolling in classes at LSU today according to his father. He obviously won't be playing any ball this fall, but it's good to see him get himself in good enough shape to go back to class.

I can feel the irony from here.

Will Muschamp officially named Jeff Driskel as the Gators' starting quarterback, ending the long, national nightmare. The main reason for the move is Driskel's ability to move around better than Jacoby Brissett can. Driskel's running ability was also the rationale given for having him play the second half against Bowing Green (total second half carries: one).

Driskel was originally a Urban Meyer recruit for the spread option who stuck it out when Muschamp got the job. Brissett was a guy Charlie Weis went to go get to make sure the team had a classic drop back passer for their pro style offense. Of course Driskel was going to be the guy. Anyone could have seen that coming.

That's not a problem for a quarterback, is it?

Connor Shaw can't really lift his throwing arm. Yeah, South Carolina picked a good year not to play Georgia in Week 2.

That can't be right, can it?

Dan Mullen thinks that Auburn held back some things on offense against Clemson, presumably to surprise his team with them this Saturday. Whatever makes you sleep at night Danno, but Clemson is a top-15 team and you're not ranked. I really don't think Gene Chizik tanked that game to get a jump on you. The more likely explanation is that, if Auburn was indeed running a limited playbook at all, it was due to it being the first game under a new coordinator. No more, no less.

Chill with Hugh Freeze.

This is a pretty in depth account of the first game week of Ole Miss's new head coach. Come for the behind-the-scenes details; stay for the redshirt freshman's rousing locker room speech to inspire the team to fight better against a I-AA team.

The more things change...

A guy in an unrelated Los Angeles corruption scandal says he gave impermissible gifts to Joe McKnight and a former basketball player. The guy wrote in an email, "What are they going to do to me? Will the NCAA fine me (yeah right)?" Makes you wonder if Mark Emmert's trigger finger is getting itchy after UNC slid through some kind of loophole.