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Sprints Is Not Considering Transferring to Georgia State // 03.30.12

Where in the World is Da'Rick Rogers?
Da'Rick Rogers was absent from Tennessee practice today, but I'm sure that --

"Georgia State would be the only place I'd look at," Rogers told the website.

I see. And Rogers faced a two-week ban from offseason activities recently, but I'm sure that's just a college student being a college stu--

That was the policy earlier this week as well when Dooley declined to address a two-week ban from offseason activities for Rogers for conduct detrimental to the team, which multiple sources confirmed was a physical threat to a strength coach.

At this point, the Derek Dooley regime sort of looks like an airplane that's high in the sky. And has pieces falling off of the fuselage.

Rocky Top Talk is hoping for whatever the best is
But the line between contender and pretender, even in a division as convoluted as the SEC East, is razor thin. And that means that something like this can be the difference between going to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game or for the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

One thing we know is that Tennessee, with Rogers, has the talent to be one of the best passing offenses in the country.

Without him? Tell me how healthy Justin Hunter is when the season began and who's going to be his No. 2 if Cordarrelle Patterson doesn't pan out.


Florida coach Will Muschamp has allowed sophomore A.C. Leonard to return to practice. Leonard was suspended indefinitely following his arrest for simple battery in February.


The Gainesville State Attorney's Office has filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Florida sophomore tight end A.C. Leonard, one day after Gators' head coach Will Muschamp announced that Leonard has been allowed to return to practice.

This is usually the first sign that something has gone very, very wrong
Scott Stricklin, last seen searching the couch cushions for head basketball coach candidates, has issued a statement asking for patience from Mississippi State fans. For those of us who watch coaching searches closely, this is usually not a good thing. But let's take a closer look at what Stricklin said, okay?

Like Bulldog fans everywhere, I eagerly anticipate the hiring of Mississippi State’s next men’s basketball coach.

If only I could do something about that.

However, from the beginning of this process, no deadline has been imposed on the search.

Yes, we also thought we would be done by now.

It’s important that we hire the right candidate to lead our program, a person of integrity who will instill discipline, character and accountability into the men’s basketball program at Mississippi State.

And if someone doesn't take the job, just assume that they weren't the right candidate to lead our program. All 97 of them.

Thank you for your patience. Hail State!

Please don't egg my house.

Anthony Davis' knee: 90 percent
There's a rather important basket-ball game for Kentucky this weekend, I believe.

Because more bureaucracy never really hurt anything
Before you endorse this idea, just remember that it would still be brought to you by the people who brought you the NCAA.

One possible way to address the disparities would be to create a separate governance model for Division I or to split it off entirely from the rest of the NCAA membership.

"We know what the questions are and we don't have any answers yet," Emmert said.

Emmert strikes me as the kind of guy who likes to talk about things and think about things. With the exception of the cost of attendance and multi-year scholarships, I can't recall much he's ever done about those conversations.