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Sprints Thinks Frank Martin's Contract at South Carolina is Worth It // 03.28.12

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You would also be happy if you were making that kind of money.
You would also be happy if you were making that kind of money.

Then again, the buyout is more than twice the salary during his first season
If Frank Martin were to hit all of his bonuses at South Carolina -- which would be exceedingly unlikely, with one of them being to win a national championship -- he could earn more than $2.9 million in one of the final four years of contract, or what Nick Saban calls "October." That's almost three times what Darrin Horn was making, though I think few South Carolina fans would consider the Horn contract a better return on investment.

At $1.9 million in the first year, $2 million in the second and $2.1 million each year after that, it's still a pretty hefty contract for a basketball coach at what has traditionally been one of the worst programs in the SEC. Only time will tell if money can turn the situation around.

An interesting tidbit
The same day that Frank Martin takes over South Carolina's basketball program, Bruce Ellington is back to playing both football and basketball. Take the rumors that Horn was never happy about having Ellington play both sports and make of it what you will. Steve Spurrier just seems happy to have him back.

"He thought it over and thought he made a little too quick (of a) decision," Spurrier said. "He was quick out here (at practice today). He was one of the fastest guys on the field today."

Now if Ellington could just get five inches taller in a few months ...

A future basketball tourney in Kansas City?
Mike Slive didn't rule the possibility out. He did say that the SEC would keep its football championship in Atlanta -- a great move -- and was mum on the possibility of an SEC Network. With all apologies to Texas A&M and Missouri, which this site has welcomed to the SEC emphatically, it will be hard to argue without an SEC Network that this hasn't been a colossal waste of time.

Clemson 10, Georgia 5
It's enough to make even the most patient of Georgia fans start to think about heating up the head coach's place on the bench.

With six of Georgia’s next seven weekend series set to pit the Red and Black against teams ranked in the top 16, the prospects for a turnaround are not good, and one need not necessarily be a member of the "#FireErrebody" brigade to wonder whether David Perno has done all the meaningful winning he is ever going to do for his alma mater.

That's a little bit hard to determine the way the SEC is nowadays, but the statement itself is an indication that Perno's time might be running out.

Florida 4, Florida State 1
A rare win for Florida in Jacksonville. Well, Florida baseball in Jacksonville. One game doesn't exactly change the football trend.

Anything Damon Evans-related allows us to reprint part of the best sports story ever
Remember Damon Evans' drunken driving in Georgia and the woman whose panties he held? Well, the charges against that woman for disorderly conduct were finally dropped. Cue obligatory sentence.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper M. Cabe wrote in his report on the traffic stop that Evans had a pair of red panties between his legs, and when asked about them, he told the trooper that Fuhrmann "took them off and I held them because I was trying to get her home."

I'm gonna miss that story.

Who would win a popularity contest between the BCS and the IRS?
The kind of question you think about when the Fiesta Bowl says it probably owes Uncle Sam $136,350 in back taxes. It's clear that the BCS is part of the 1 percent.