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Topics for Discussion: The Game of the Century Part II, and Coaches on the Hot Seat and of the Year

What needs to be talked about after the week that was? Also: Which team will come in third in the West?


It's time for the annual GAME OF THE CENTURY. So who wins? Alabama has been doing what it does until now, going undefeated and never really letting anyone get close enough to think about beating it. LSU had the hiccup against Florida and close calls against South Carolina and Texas A&M, but has otherwise kept up its side of the bargain. Can Alabama remove the last real obstacle to an undefeated run through the regular season? Or will LSU reclaim the lead in the SEC West with a bit of revenge for last year's BCS National Championship Game?

The Battle for Third Place -- you got Mississippi State or Texas A&M? The Bulldogs are 7-1 with their sole loss coming against Alabama in the lopsided Saturday night game. A&M is 6-2, pairing its LSU loss with a defeat against Florida. The game probably won't mean much in the battle for Atlanta -- the winner of the Saturday primetime game will likely decide that -- but it could matter in bowl positioning. So who wins it?

Does Gene Chizik make it to the end of the season? With Texas A&M shellacking Auburn, there doesn't seem to be much reason for the Auburn powers-that-be to keep Chizik around. On the other hand, the guy just lost his mother, so it would be seen as uncivil even in the pressure-cooker of the SEC to fire him at the moment. When might Auburn decide to make their move?

What about the other hot seat coaches? Derek Dooley, Joker Phillips and John L. Smith also all took losses on Saturday. Smith is likely gone after the season one way or the other, so there's not much of a reason for Arkansas not to let him play out the string. But do you see either Dooley or Phillips being shown the door before the final game? Do you see either of them standing on the sidelines to start the 2013 season?

Who's the frontrunner for SEC Coach of the Year? You've got Will Muschamp, who despite Saturday's loss has taken Florida from an afterthought to 7-1. There's Hugh Freeze, who suddenly has Ole Miss looking like a football team. And there's Kevin Sumlin, who is looking at a Cotton Bowl berth if he can win the remaining games sans Alabama. Are we missing anyone with that list?