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Texas A&M Vs. Auburn Preview: Something to Watch While Waiting for Alabama-Mississippi State

Are the Aggies going to roll in this one? What do you think?


Texas A&M Aggies vs. Auburn Tigers, 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Quick: Which team leads the SEC in rushing offense, total offense and scoring offense while ranking second in passing offense? Sure, the fact that the question comes in a Texas A&M-Auburn preview kind of gives it away -- no one's saying Auburn, right? -- kind of gives it away, But that is not how anyone saw the Aggies and Kevin Sumlin's first season in the SEC going.

On the other hand, there were real questions about Auburn coming into this season. Maybe not winless-in-conference questions, but enough questions that their terrible start to the season was completely unforeseen. And Auburn is staring squarely at the possibility of going winless in the SEC.

This might be the best chance they've got at avoiding that, but it's not a good one. There are yards to be had against A&M's defense -- it ranks 10th in the league -- but there's not much of a reason to think that Auburn can get them. There are literally no major offensive categories in which Auburn ranks better than 11th in the conference. (And only one, rushing offense, in which they rank better than 13th.) And because the Tigers' defense isn't much better than their offense, TAMU is likely to be able to get enough points to overcome any scores by Auburn. Not that they'll really need to score that many.

Texas A&M 45, Auburn 23