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Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27: The Feel-Good Story Gets Better. And There's Arkansas

It's hard not to feel sorry for Arkansas at this point. But it's also hard not to feel good about Ole Miss

Note: Not from the game
Note: Not from the game

If you want the feel-good story of the year in the SEC, it's probably based in Oxford. The Rebels are 5-3, they need one win to get to their first bowl in three years, and Hugh Freeze's offense is showing great returns.

If, on the other hand, you want whatever is the opposite of the feel-good story of the year, it's Arkansas. John L. Smith has not turned out to be the answer. The Razorback's offense has shown signs of life, but it's not the same force that it was under Bobby Petrino. And a last-second field goal marked the latest in a series of disappointing games.

You can't exactly say Ole Miss had no business being in this game -- the yardage margin was wide but not that wide in Arkansas' favor (464-355) and the Hogs only had two more first downs (24-22). But to lose the game the way the Razorbacks lost it was nonetheless heartbreaking and felt no less cruel. Arkansas also has a chance to make sure it gets to the postseason with a win next week against Tulane. But if you've gone through the season Arkansas has gone through, it's hard to be confident of even that much.