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Missouri 33, Kentucky 10: The Tigers Get Their First SEC Win, If Kentucky Still Counts

An ugly win is still an ugly win, especially if you're looking for your first victory in the SEC


A game with a half-dozen turnovers and a total of 165 yards passing, not to mention one team that gets just nine first downs, is not a thing of beauty. But if you're a team looking for its first win in a brand new conference, it'll do. So even though the honor of first SEC win is dubious whenever the opponent is Kentucky, Missouri will take the title and run with it.

Maybe all the way to a bowl game. The Tigers now need two win to clinch a postseason berth, and they still have Tennessee and Syracuse on deck. There's no margin for error -- the other two opponents are Florida and Texas A&M -- but a win in both those games would make it a better-than-even first go-round in the new league for Missouri.

Kentucky's season was pretty much already over, and the Joker Phillips Era appears to be as close to over as it's ever been. A bowl is already out of the question, and Samford is the only sure win left on the schedule. A 2-10 season with an 0-8 record in the SEC is by no means out of the question, and might be the likeliest outcome. Even at Kentucky, you need more than that. You need to be more than the first SEC win for another struggling team.