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Texas A&M Scout Site Stirs Realignment Rumor Pot Again

David Sandhop of the Texas A&M-focused Scout site is stirring up rumors of imminent conference realignment. Sandhop, if you remember, was one of the ones putting out similar rumors earlier this month.

The whole thing hinges on this local College State TV network report that ESPN signed up two Texas high schools for the Longhorn Network after Dan Beebe's edict that temporarily keeps the LHN from doing so. I believe the game between them can't be televised as planned as long as the Big 12's prohibition is in place, and the NCAA is currently reviewing whether it will allow conference and school-specific networks to broadcast high school games.

The rest is largely the game of conference realignment dominoes we've been hearing for months. A&M comes to the SEC obviously, though this time Missouri would be its partner. The SEC still wants Oklahoma, but it supposedly doesn't want Oklahoma State. So, the two Oklahoma schools plus Texas Tech (and potentially Baylor) are looking to the Pac-12, while the two Kansas schools are making eyes at the Big East. Iowa State, which goes unmentioned, is presumably SOL.

The only element of this I can corroborate with something more secure than a local TV station report is that Larry Scott indeed will not allow Texas into his conference as long as the Longhorn Network exists. They'd have to go independent should this thing go down.

For now though, it all seems a bit thinly sourced to me. Still, what do you think about potentially getting Missouri? The school all but threw itself at the Big Ten last summer, so its supposed wandering eyes ring somewhat true to me.