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Slive: SEC Working on Schedule That Would Include Missouri

Well, the one thing Big 12 interim commish Chuck Neinas, Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity and most of the impartial observers outside of the SEC and Columbia, Mo., seem to agree on, it's that the most likely scenario is for Missouri to join the conference in 2013 instead of in 2012. So, what would that mean? Well, it would first mean -- I'm sorry, Mike Slive, you wanted to say something?

Slive: "Our transition team is working on schedules for 13 and 14 (members). We’ll know when we know. There’s no timetable for us."
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Oh. I see. (HT: Eye on College Football)

Of course, there's still a lot of this realignment game to play out, from the Big 12 and Congressional warfare over Louisville and West Virginia to the slight technicality (which everyone seems to forget) that Missouri HAS NOT OFFICIALLY LEFT THE BIG 12 OR JOINED THE SEC YET.

But if Missouri joining the SEC for 2012 is off the table, no one's told Slive yet.

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