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Robbie Caldwell Resigns As Vanderbilt Head Coach

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Robbie Caldwell is out as head coach at Vanderbilt, according to the university and Robbie Caldwell, which would appear to be pretty good sources on such a move.

Having the opportunity to be Vanderbilt's head football coach has been a dream come true, and I greatly appreciated the chance to serve, and I gave it my best. However, after a lot of reflection, I've realized it is time for me to step aside and let someone else pick up the hard work and efforts of our staff.

Not that this comes as that much of a surprise to anyone; the Commodores are 2-9 going into today's game against Wake Forest, and seem to actually be going backwards over the course of the season. Still, it's hard not to notice that a school that doesn't even have a full-time athletics department gave a guy two months to get ready for the season at an annual also-ran and then fired him when things didn't turn out perfectly.

"The bulk of our coaching staff came here in 2002 and during that time our program has improved," [Vice Chancellor David] Williams says. "Under their leadership, we won a bowl game, scored some memorable victories over formidable opponents and helped put us in a position to add new facilities. I appreciate what Robbie has done here, and we all wish this staff the very best."

That makes it sound a bit odd, no? But I can't help thinking of something that Caldwell said back in his Media Days appearance, the one with the turkey insemination comments and everything else, when he was asked if it was a cultural adjustment for him to coach at Vanderbilt.

"I think it was a big adjustment for Vanderbilt," he said.

Maybe, especially given the results of the season, it was just a bridge too far.