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Sprints Will Celebrate Wherever It Wants Regardless of Your Fines // 01.28.10

You can have fun if you must, but please try not to
The SEC fines South Carolina $25,000 because students celebrated their victory against a top-ranked team Tuesday night. I'm only exaggerating slightly there. Eric Hyman praises his fans' "enthusiasm and excitement" before joining in the league-wide stupidity on the issue.

"However, the SEC schools voted unanimously on the sportsmanship policy and the subsequent fines for violating that policy, and we support it fully. The purpose of the policy is for the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, officials, students and our many fans. While I was thrilled with the outcome of the game, I was also very concerned that we follow this policy to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring."

I have been consistent on this, so there's no real danger of homerism here: This is perhaps the dumbest policy in all of American sports. Tearing down the goal posts, which includes very heavy metal objects falling to the ground, is dangerous and should probably be banned despite my efforts to help in a police-deterred goal post removal during my college days. I see nothing dangerous about fans going onto a basketball court and celebrating the first win against a No. 1 team in school history. Unless you're going to ban ballroom dancing in the SEC. Because it's almost as dangerous.

Of course, then you have to deal with the fact that the school is having to pay for students' behavior that it can't really avoid without operating a small militia. Here's a better idea: Repeal the rule.

Making lemonade out of lemons
Storming the Floor -- appropriately enough -- has an idea for making sure the ridiculousness of the whole situation doesn't go to waste. Or line Mike Slive's pockets, which is pretty much the same thing given the billions he carries around.

Stay class, Lexington
DeMarcus Cousins ALLEGEDLY punched a South Carolina fan in the commotion ALLEGEDLY. It should be noted that this appears to be the only thing that made the celebration dangerous. No word yet that your humble correspondent has found from head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari.

Vanderbilt might win the East after all
Of course, it's in basketball. But that's something.

The Commodores -- who, by the way, rallied to beat Auburn by double figures on Saturday -- are 5-0 to open SEC play for the first time since 1964-65.

Just don't celebrate on the basketball court.

Can you have too many Top 25 teams?
The SEC is about to find out if you can in baseball; half of the league is in the Baseball America rankings.

7 Florida
10 South Carolina
17 Arkansas
22 Georgia
24 Ole Miss

We're just now gearing up for baseball coverage, so there's only one thing we can think of right now: Yikes.