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Real Life vs. Sporadic Blogging; Guess What Wins

Business travel to lovely Jacksonville means no more blogging until Monday. At that point, I'll do the final edition of "An Appreciation" -- yes, just one more -- and spend the rest of the week finishing off most of the football review stuff. Then, we'll see what happens before baseball coverage starts up.

This is something I'll focus on quite a bit at Team Speed Kills. Quite frankly, there's not a bunch of good college baseball blogging going on out there (there is some, and I'll be sure to point in the right direction), so this is a way to provide something folks can't get elsewhere. With, of course, a particular focus on the SEC, which has more quality programs than you might think. (For example: South Carolina being ranked out of the preseason Top 25 makes it a "rebuilding year." Would that we could say that about football ... )

That said, do take a look at Dawg Sports' take on the big news of Thursday. The Mayor covers most of the angles succinctly (Who are you and what have you done with the real T. Kyle King?), including the main thought your humble correspondent had about the way Dennis Felton kept his job last year.

Coach Felton’s most noteworthy achievement on the hardwood also was his least representative. It was nice and it was fun, but it was a chimera.

You know, after years of Dave Odom, South Carolina fans would take a chimera or two. But it looks like Darrin Horn might be the real deal.