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An Appreciation: Dicky Lyons Jr.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Third in a series honoring those who spent four years in the SEC -- for better or for worse.

Dicky Lyons Jr. was never going to break any receiving records in the SEC, and the Kentucky wideout knew it. In face, he alluded to as much when talking at SEC Media Days about the disrespect visited upon himself and his team by the prognosticators leading into the 2008 season.

For me, being a 5-11, white guy as a wide receiver, you're never expected to play in the SEC in the first place so it's all bulletin board material for inspiration to prove people wrong.

Lyons created something of a legend for himself at this past summer's media confab with comments like that one and a dream including fiance abuse, Matthew Stafford and Brian Hoyer, all of which Lyons dutifully described to reporters.

Oh, and he was a pretty good receiver.

His greatest game probably came in 2007, when Lyons caught eight passes for 124 yards and 3 TDs against Florida in a 45-37 loss.

Alas, Lyons' senior season was cut short by an injury in the South Carolina game. He had already become the only thing worth watching in a Wildcats offense that was just awful and would without him score more than 20 points just three times in their remaining seven games -- against Vanderbilt, East Carolina and Georgia.

Lyons wasn't exactly setting the SEC ablaze when his senior campaign came to an abrupt end. He had 33 catches for 264 yards and 2 TDs. But he was one of the few consistent things that Kentucky had in an offense that sputtered most of the year.

And, hey, even if he didn't have a great year, we'll always have the memories. So, apparently, will Matthew Stafford -- thanks to the helpful text Lyons sent him.

Dicky Lyons Jr. Career Stats