NCAA Basketball Betting: How to Bet on the Games Legally in the United States

College basketball is exciting and thrilling to watch, especially when these players are fighting for a spot on an NBA team. The NCAA is a stepping stone for players to get to the NBA. Performing here means that a player is ready for the big stage.

In the NCAA, there are hundreds of teams from different colleges competing in the competition. It’s tough to wager for two reasons: imbalance between the teams and keeping up with every game.

Similar to NBA sports betting, NCAA primarily has three forms of betting: moneyline, point spread, and over/under.


The Moneyline is the basic betting form in which a bettor picks up the winner. Each team has its respective odds showing its chances of winning.

Point spread

In college basketball, it’s the most important form of betting due to the imbalance between the teams. Point spread levels the field of competition by setting a handicap in point differential. The favorite team has to win more than the point spread and the other team, the underdog, has to win outright or lose by less than the spread set.


In the over/under bet, the bettor wager on the total tally, deciding whether the final score will be over or under.

Other forms of college betting


A parlay is interesting bet in which bettors combine their bets in order to boost their earnings. The more a bettor adds bets in the parlays, the higher the payout becomes. However, for parlays to work, all bets combined have to win. Otherwise, there will be no winnings. Bettors can combine 2-12 games in a parlay and the aim is to get more value on certain bets that are not offering high payouts.


This betting form is betting on the tournament winners. It’s another popular bet in college basketball because the lines are immediately released following the conclusion of the tournament. Many bettors are keen to predict the winners of the March Madness and because it’s one of the significant sporting events, getting in early makes sense.

Tips on winning big at college basketball

To win the bets in college basketball, you need to be smart. Here are some of the tips that will help you in making the right decision and making smarter bets.

There are plenty of teams and several matches taking place at the same time. You can’t stay on top of all. It’s vital to narrow down your options and focus on one conference and follow that. Instead of worrying about all the teams, you should slim down your favorite teams and follow the progress match by match.

Being smart in college basketball betting matters a lot. There are 32 different conferences, so most oddsmakers focus on high-profile conferences, leaving small conferences exposed. Once you become an expert and completely understand the betting behaviors, you can take advantage of small conferences to win big.

Future odds are a safer option because for most of the NCAA tournament the top teams remain the same. Therefore, the odds are unchanged and if you spot good odds to bet on for March Madness early in the season, you can have a solid payday.

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