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Notable SEC 2017 NFL Draft UDFAs

For some in the SEC, the road gets a bit tougher.

The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone, and with that, there are several notable undrafted players still out there who unfortunately didn't hear their names called. Those players will likely still have the opportunity to make training camp rosters and we'll be sure to keep you posted on their statuses.

Here is that list of players:

Gehrig Dieter (Alabama Crimson Tide)

Toby Baker (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Brooks Ellis (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Keon Hatacher (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Drew Morgan (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Dan Skipper (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Alex Kozan (Auburn Tigers)

Robert Leff (Auburn Tigers)

Tony Stevens (Auburn Tigers)

Bryan Cox Jr. (Florida Gators)

Quincy Mauger (Georgia Bulldogs)

Greg Pyke (Georgia Bulldogs)

Jon Toth (Kentucky Wildcats)

Boom Williams (Kentucky Wildcats)

Tashawn Bower (LSU Tigers)

Travin Dural (LSU Tigers)

Lewis Neal (LSU Tigers)

Quincy Adeboyejo (Ole Miss Rebels)

Tony Bridges (Ole Miss Rebels)

Fadol Brown (Ole Miss Rebels)

Damore’ea Stringfellow (Ole Miss Rebels)

Richie Brown (Mississippi State Bulldogs)

Johnathan Calvin (Mississippi State Bulldogs)

Jamaal Clayborn (Mississippi State Bulldogs)

Fred Ross (Mississippi State Bulldogs)

Josh Augusta (Missouri Tigers)

Aarion Penton (Missouri Tigers)

Darius English (South Carolina Gamecocks)

Jason Croom (Tennessee Volunteers)

Avery Gennesy (Texas A&M Aggies)

Trevor Knight (Texas A&M Aggies)

Speedy Noil (Texas A&M Aggies)

Ricky Seals-Jones (Texas A&M Aggies)

We at TSK wish them, and the others around the country, the best in finding landing spots and their future endeavors.