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2017 Final Four: A Tale of the Tape - South Carolina vs. Gonzaga

The Gamecocks will again have their hands full.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-West Regional-Gonzaga vs Xavier Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks are headed to the Final Four. When they arrive in Glendale, the Gonzaga Bulldogs of the West Coast Conference will be there to greet them. Like the Gamecocks, the Zags are in the Final Four for the first time ever and are one of the best rags to riches stories in college basketball history. Eighteen years after shocking the world and getting to the Elite Eight, Gonzaga has built up their program to a level where they are arguably the best team remaining in the field and undeniably a powerhouse in the pacific northwest.

With five days remaining until this showdown in Arizona, let’s take a look at the tale of the tape between these two clubs.

Final Four Tale of the Tape

South Carolina Stat Gonzaga
South Carolina Stat Gonzaga
26-10 Record 36-1
6'5.1 Average Height 6'6.5
108.5 (105th) Adj. Offensive Efficiency 118.9 (14th)
87.9 (2nd) Adj. Defensive Efficiency 86 (1st)
68.5 (138th) Adj. Tempo 70.0 (73rd)
47.4% (299th) Effective FG% 57.1% (6th)
45.2% (12th) Effective FG% Allowed 41.2% (1st)
18.7% (191st) Turnover% (Committed) 16.1% (34th)
24.5% (4th) Turnover% (Allowed) 17.7% (222nd)
34.1% (39th) Offensive Rebounding% 30.1% (143rd)
31.6% (275th) Defensive Rebounding% 26.0% (44th)
40.5% (49th) FT Rate (Committed) 39.4% (72nd)
45.3% (334th) FT Rate (Allowed) 26.5% (16th)
46.1% (294th) 2PT FG% (Off.) 57.3% (5th)
33.3% (247th) 3PT FG% (Off.) 37.8% (52nd)
45.3% (29th) 2PT FG% (Def.) 39.8% (2nd)
30.1% (8th) 3PT FG% (Def.) 29.3% (4th)
70.0% (185th) FT% 71.8% (120th)