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Team Speed Kills’ 2016 SEC Power Rankings: WEEK 4 EDITION

We’ve got a bigger pool to work with this week, and with that come brand new rankings.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M vs Arkansas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks, the Team Speed Kills’ Power Rankings have just included our staff. This week, we finally extended the invitation out to the SB Nation blogs representing the SEC teams. In full, here is the list of blogs who were able to participate in this week’s power rankings:

As these nine blogs participated, so to did our staff. 22 votes were cast this week. Let’s get down to business.

14. Kentucky Wildcats

(Score: 13.85; Highest Vote: 13; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 14)

“It took Kentucky over three quarters to actually pull away from New Mexico State. They deserve a ranking lower than 14th, but that’s unfortunately the limit." -- Cam Newton

“I thought they had a good shot at bowl this year. I was wrong. This team stinks.” -- And The Valley Shook

13. Vanderbilt Commodores

(Score: 13; Highest Vote: 11; Lowest Vote: 14; Last Week: 13)

“They lost to South Carolina. For now, that stinks more than Kentucky.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Ladies and gentlemen, your next Alabama defensive coordinator!” -- Rocky Top Talk

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

(Score: 11.42; Highest Vote: 8; Lowest Vote: 13; Last Week: 12)

“Beat Vandy, so they can avoid cellar talk for a few weeks.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Hey, they’re probably going to be 2-1 in SEC play after their game in Lexington this weekend. Who saw THAT coming?” -- Christopher Novak

11. Mississippi State Bulldogs

(Score: 10.61; Highest Vote: 10; Lowest Vote: 12; Last Week: 10)

“They have a win over an SEC team who also has a win, which is something only one other team can say: LSU, the team that beat them.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Post-Dak life continues to be topsy turvy.” -- Christopher Novak

10. Missouri Tigers

(Score: 10.52; Highest Vote: 9; Lowest Vote: 12; Last Week: 11)

“It was so good for Missouri on Saturday until the crushing blow, I started thinking they had an outside shot to win the East. Hell, they still might.” -- Christopher Novak

“Have relied the past few years on a quietly dominant defense. This year’s defense ranks 12th in the SEC in total D right now (though 7th in yards/play). Need the defense to be great with an offense this bad.” -- And The Valley Shook

9. Auburn Tigers

(Score: 9.42; Highest Vote: 9; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 9)

“Ummm… well, at least they didn’t go blown out by Clemson.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Gus Malzahn is in some deep, deep trouble.” -- Christopher Novak

8. LSU Tigers

(Score: 6.95; Highest Vote: 5; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 8)

“LSU didn’t inspire much to move the chains in the power rankings this week. Still stuck at 8.” -- Christopher Novak

“If LSU has fallen backwards into a quarterback who can lead a competent passing game, that Wisconsin loss will be the best thing that ever happened to Les Miles.” -- And The Valley Shook

7. Florida Gators

(Score: 6.33; Highest Vote: 4; Lowest Vote: 10; Last Week: 6)

“The Luke Del Rio injury could not have come at a worse time. Tennessee-Florida is going to be a total rock fight.” -- Christopher Novak

“Thoroughly dominating some of the worst teams in college football. So, good practice for their divisional schedule.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Florida had a throwback to the great Gator teams of the past with the way the defense has dominated this season. Too bad they're having a throwback to the Muschamp teams by going to Tennessee without a quarterback.” -- Jordan Rinard

6. Tennessee Volunteers

(Score: 5.95; Highest Vote: 3; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 4)

“Shout out to Tennessee for squeaking out a home win over Ohio this week. Urban Meyer must’ve been incen—oh, you mean they did that against the Bobcats? Oh dear. I’ll chalk up blame for that to Brady Hoke.” -- Christopher Novak

“My hope is that Tennessee reaches every spot in these rankings. One week I'm feeling #2 for the Vols. The week after, I'm thinking 9 at best. They are truly the SEC's most dynamic team.” -- Jonathan Waldrop

“Seems to play to their opponent’s ability level. Looked great against the Hokies, lousy against App State and Ohio. Looking at the rest of the East, this could be a problem.” -- And The Valley Shook

5. Georgia Bulldogs

(Score: 5.66; Highest Vote: 3; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 7)

“Welcome to the North Endzone lore, Georgia.” -- Christopher Novak

“We can overlook the Nichols St game and chalk it up to a team looking ahead on its schedule. But needing a late TD to beat Mizzou is not a good look. Even still, one of the co-favorites to win the East.” -- And The Valley Shook

“The Bulldogs have a chance to impress everyone this week against Ole Miss, but in order to do so, Jacob Eason will have to play well against a secondary that's light years better than North Carolina's.” -- Rocky Top Talk

4. Ole Miss Rebels

(Score: 4.28; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 5)

“Instead of beating Alabama for a third year in a row, Ole Miss’ season is now likely up in smoke. Life comes at you fast.” -- Christopher Novak

“They play two halves, Rebs. Apparently, graduating more players than nearly anyone else in the nation sort of hurts your depth.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Living Bratz Doll Chad Kelly is still the best quarterback in the SEC, even if he was responsible for gift-wrapping points to the Alabama defense last week.” -- Rocky Top Talk

3. Arkansas Razorbacks

(Score: 3.33; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 4)

“Austin Allen looks like the real deal and Arkansas is looking like a threat. The game at JerryWorld against A&M is going to be so drunk.” -- Christopher Novak

“The Hogs have a date with the Aggies on Saturday, so like most of BERT's dates, expect a hot, sweaty evening that ends in tears when someone goes home disappointed.” -- Rocky Top Talk

“Usually, the Hogs tank in September and dominate in November. It remains to be seen whether they have weaponized the team early, or they are simply pulling the same trick, but in reverse.” -- And The Valley Shook

2. Texas A&M Aggies

(Score: 2.61; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 5; Last Week: 2)

“We may know, for better or worse, what the Aggies really are this Saturday.” -- Christopher Novak

“Beat the only program in the nation flakier than they are (UCLA) and then won in the tough venue formerly known as Jordan-Hare. Still skeptical, but they have the skins right now.” -- And The Valley Shook

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (22)

(Score: 1; Last Week: 1)

“One does not simply beat Nick Saban and the Tide three times in a row.” -- Christopher Novak

“The Tide played one of their worst halves of football in this decade, and were only down by a score to Ole Miss at the half. They took a breath at the end, allowing the Rebels off the mat, but that second half was a thorough destruction.” -- And The Valley Shook

“Lane Kiffin is five years younger on Twitter, which explains why Nick Saban tore into him on the sidelines the other day-- DO NOT make fun of Zayn's solo effort, Kiffy! Nick is a big fan.” -- Rocky Top Talk