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Vanderbilt vs. Georgia Tech final score 2016: Commodores fall to Yellow Jackets in road meeting

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Vanderbilt would collect their second loss of the season in a definitive 38-7 victory for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

It was a long game for the Commodores who couldn't get anything going after the first quarter where Kyle Shurmur's 10-yard pass to Kalija Lipscomb accounted for their only score of the game.

The Atlanta home team on the other hand would have no problem rattling Vanderbilt from the first whistle, where they pulled off an 81-yard touchdown passed by way of Marcus Marshall on the first play of the game. From there, Dedrick Mills would go on to collect the first of his three touchdown runs of the game. To gain those three scores, Mills would end up only running for combined total of 58 yards. To contribute, their quarterback Justin Thomas, would pass for 136 yards as well as running for 84 more.

This victory will go on to fuel the Yellow Jackets as they go on to face the Clemson Tigers in a game that should be a battle for both teams. As for the Commodores, they will look to learn from today and take what they learn as they hit the road next week to face a Western Kentucky team that should not be taken lightly.