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Changes Coming to TSK

This is an exciting time for the site.

Like Brandon, I am also going to be ending my run as co-manager of Team Speed Kills.

It's more a combination of a few reasons rather than a single big one. One main reason is that I've been doing sports blogging as a hobby for about a decade now, and I'm ready to focus energy on some other things. The other is that it's really hard to do this while living in Italy, which is where I've been for the last 15 months because that's where the US Navy decided to station my wife for a few years. I'm six hours ahead of Eastern time, which means that early afternoon press conferences are during my evening and prime time games are in the middle of my night. I stayed up past 2 a.m. on 13 of the 14 Saturdays of the football regular season last fall, and that was really tough on me.

So what does this mean for the site? Good things, I think.

I still plan to post things from time to time if the new site manager will have me, and so by doing things less frequently, my own contributions should have a better batting average for quality. But beyond that, I know that a fresh voice with fresh energy will only be a good thing. I don't really have much in the way of organizational leadership skills, so adding someone who does will help this site be better than ever. We have a great team of contributors here, and I haven't used them to the fullest in my capacity as co-manager.

I'll go ahead and link up the description and posting for the new site manager job as well. If you or anyone you know has ever wanted the challenge of running an SEC sports site, that's where to go. There is a small payment per month, if that helps, and SBN is a great organization to work for and with.

I've never once regretted signing up with this company since I initially did it back in late 2008, and it keeps getting better as it grows. The publishing tools are top notch—far better and more full of features than standard blogging equipment like Wordpress or Blogger—and the people who manage the college sites are great to work with too. Don't forget either that TSK is also a part of the best family of SEC school focused websites, and it's not close. Working with the 14 team sites is fantastic and only makes the job here at TSK that much easier and better.

This isn't exactly goodbye, but thanks for reading all these years. I don't say that enough, as I wouldn't have done so much for so long without you fine folks frequenting and commenting on the site. Service will continue uninterrupted until the new site manager is up and running. Will that new manager be you?