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NCAA Tournament Second Round Saturday Schedule, TV Times, Live Stream, and How to Watch

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The path to Houston continues for Kentucky.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC didn't get many teams in to the NCAA Tournament, but so far it's having a good time for what it got.

Vanderbilt may have lost in the First Four, but Wichita State is horribly underseeded, and it was something of a surprise that the Commodores got in at all. Their spot probably should have gone to South Carolina, but we'll never know what the Gamecocks would have done.

The best teams in the SEC have acquitted themselves nicely, though. Kentucky blew out Stony Brook, while Texas A&M breezed past Green Bay last night 92-65. Both teams had slow starts, but their superiority won out in the second halves of their games.

So maybe only two SEC teams are left, but that's the same number as Pac-12 teams despite our friends out west starting out with five teams.

The Big Ten's standard bearer Michigan State lost to a 15-seed. 5-seed Purdue gave away a lead late in a double overtime loss to Arkansas-Little Rock, while 5-seed Maryland needed heroics to get past South Dakota State. 7-seed Wisconsin helped Pitt set offense back five decades in a close win, and fellow 7-seed Iowa needed a buzzer beater to get past Temple.

The Big 12's 3-seed West Virginia lost to a 14-seed, albeit a criminally underseeded one in Stephen F. Austin. That league also lost 5-seed Baylor, 6-seed Texas, and 8-seed Texas Tech. The ACC had a lot of wins, but 3-seed Miami (FL), 4-seed Duke, and 6-seed Notre Dame didn't get through their games by much. 1-seed UNC even had a tough go of it for much of its game with a Florida Gulf Coast team that's a far cry from the Dunk City outfit from a few years ago.

There weren't many power conference teams outside the 1-seed and 2-seed lines to win by large margins, but the SEC had a pair of them in Kentucky and Texas A&M. The league office has to be happy about that.

Here is the schedule for today. Kentucky got its big matchup against 5-seed Indiana, and that one is at 5:15 on CBS.

12:10p CBS Providence South (3) Miami-Florida Hurricanes vs. (11) Wichita State Shockers Ian Eagle/Chris Webber/Len Elmore//Evan Washburn
After Conc. CBS Providence West (4) Duke Blue Devils vs. (12) Yale Bulldogs Eagle/Webber/Elmore//Washburn
5:15p CBS Des Moines East (4) Kentucky Wildcats vs. (5) Indiana Hoosiers Jim Nantz/Grant Hill/Bill Raftery//Tracy Wolfson
6:10p TNT Denver Midwest (4) Iowa State Cyclones vs. (12) Arkansas-Little Rock Trojans Andrew Catalon/Steve Lappas//Jamie Erdahl
7:10p TBS Raleigh Midwest (1) Virginia Cavaliers vs. (9) Butler Bulldogs Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner//Lewis Johnson
After Conc. CBS Des Moines South (1) Kansas Jayhawks vs. (9) Connecticut Huskies Nantz/ Hill/ Raftery//Wolfson
After Conc. TNT Denver Midwest (3) Utah Utes vs. (11) Gonzaga Bulldogs Catalon/Lappas//Erdahl
After Conc. TBS Raleigh East (1) North Carolina Tar Heels vs. (9) Providence Friars Harlan/Miller/Bonner//Johnson