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SEC Power Poll Ballot After the Games of Week 5

Georgia and Ole Miss lost, so you'll never guess who's in first place now

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama
I generally hate to go into too much detail on my placement order (the comments being a forum for people to ask why and me to explain), but: This is the shakiest I've been on a No. 1 team in a long time, especially when it comes to putting Alabama as No. 1. They annihilated Georgia, but something just tells me this team still has issues. On the other hand, I couldn't come up with anyone else to put here. I even hypothetically cycled through the next two or three teams and thought "nope" about all of them. So here we are.

2. LSU
About the only thing they have on offense right now is Leonard Fournette. That might just be enough.

3. Florida
Is Will Grier now a better starting quarterback than Tim Tebow? MY COLUMN:

4. Ole Miss
Guys, now you just need to have Chad Kelly give an emotional speech about how he promises to never lose again, then win every other game on your schedule by 50. Oh, you're in the SEC West? Well then, perhaps you should go to Plan C.

5. Georgia
Apparently, #FireMarkRicht was trending at one point this weekend. I'm kind of in awe.

6. Texas A&M
I can't help but feel that I'm not ranking them as highly as I should, but we should get most of the answers we need in two weeks.

7. Mississippi State
If they had scored three more points against LSU, the narrative about this team would be completely different right now. But if wishes were horses ...


8. Arkansas
Reminds me a little bit of last year's South Carolina team: capable of winning or losing to any team on the schedule, sometimes at the exact same moment.

9. Tennessee
Turning the 14-point blown lead into an art form.

10. Kentucky
Imma give you the benefit of the doubt for one week. But the next cupcake on your schedule is Auburn, and if you can't beat them in regulation ...

11. Missouri
They're going to win the SEC East again this year, aren't they?

12. Auburn
You beat San Jose State by the same margin as Oregon, so ... oh, I'm sorry. I've just been informed that was Oregon State. Well, at least you've got the third season of baseball under Sunny Golloway to look forwa-- what's that you say?


13. Vanderbilt
Was the near-win in Oxford so momentous that Middle Tennessee was a hangover game?

14. South Carolina
I was once opposed to the Gamecocks returning to the ACC. I'm rethinking things.