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One Week Until Kickoff: The Longest Week of Our Lives

Seven Days. SEC Football.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Football, we're so glad you've arrived. And by we, I mean every fan of the sport that we Southerners -- corn dog loving, Finebaum calling, gator-chomping Southeastern Conference folks -- love. I see high school practice fields in session and I see Alabama and Auburn arguments in the halls at school, at another table in a restaurant, and yes, even in the midst of a boring baseball game in Birmingham. College football, SEC football, thanks for coming back. I've needed you; we've all needed you.

The SEC Network is here. It launched after what seemed like years of waiting. SEC Nation, Pawwwwl on television, and Tim Tebow. The all-world, all-time, all-honorable everything, Tebow is back in the heart of the South analyzing and diagnosing each and every team. What's not to like? Will Muschamp is on the hottest of hot seats (to the delight of Spencer Hall), Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban have engaged in offseason banter (which is great for everyone), and even Jameis Winston had a run-in with the fuzz. Storylines, oh storylines.

There might not be a more optimism-fueled season than the one that is upon us. The new playoff, freshmen such as Leonard Fournette and Speedy Noil, the opening of the College Football Hall of Fame -- it's all here. Injuries have already taken a toll on some teams (Braxton Miller was ruled out for the season this past week), players have already been suspended (Kenyan Drake), and Kevin Sumlin has already trolled the media with his announcement at quarterback.

Seven days.

You get home from work after the lack of focus you had all day, change your clothes, put on your alma mater's T-shirt and flip on your TV. Of course, for those on DirecTV it's 611, for AT&T Uverse it's 1607 and for Charter and Dish -- well, who even cares? FOOTBALL IS BACK! You watch SEC Nation. and you wait for the game. And you'll wait, and wait, and wait, and it'll be the longest two hours of your life.


Kenny Hill might start for Texas A&M but, then again, he might not. You never know with Kevin Sumlin. Even then, though, the Aggies will have trouble with the Gamecocks. Mike Davis will run all over the Aggies early, the Carolina linemen will dominate the line of scrimmage, and the once overlooked fans in Columbia will yell like they never have before. And yes, their team will win. And whether you care or not, you will care. Football will be back.

Seven more days. Football. The longest week of our lives.