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Did Joker Phillips Resign Because of a Secondary Violation?

Tweets indicate that Phillips might have lost his job because he broke the NCAA's 'bump' rule. Really?

Andy Lyons

Details are starting to dribble out about why Joker Phillips allegedly and abruptly stepped down as wide receivers coach at Florida. And the details that have come out -- they're not the kind of thing that would normally lead an assistant coach at a major university to resign three months before the football season.

All the misstep really proved was that things were a bit confusing and that even the best sports reporters -- and Brett McMurphy is one of the best sports reporters there is -- make mistakes. And if Joker Phillips is resigning over a recruiting violation, it can't possibly be a secondary recruiting violation. Secondary recruiting violations happen all the time, as Lane Kiffin can tell us, and --

I'm not sure I buy this one, or at least not without it being part of a larger picture. It's not that it's unprecedented for a coach to lose his job over a "bump" violation -- basically, bumping into a recruit and talking to him when you're not not supposed to -- but the most prominent example was Bruce Pearl at Tennessee, and there were other issues at play there.