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NCAA Baseball Tournament 2014: Five SEC Teams To Host Regionals in National Playoff

Which ones get national seeds and which other conference schools will join them in the tournament remains to be seen


The regional host sites are now out -- they actually came out before the 9 p.m. ET time set by the NCAA, but that's how they roll on this thing. (via) As you might be able to figure out on your own, all of these teams are already in the tournament.

Miami (FL)
South Carolina
Oregon State
Ole Miss
Cal Poly
Florida State
Oklahoma State

There's no particular order here, so don't try to read anything into the race for the eight national seeds. Those and the list of teams that made the final tournament will be released tomorrow on the selection show, set for noon ET Monday on ESPNU. (That is a little more regulated because of the whole television thing.) The regionals begin Friday.

As far as the SEC is concerned, there are no real surprises here. Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, South Carolina and Vanderbilt were the only five teams in the running for hosting a regional and were all seen as relatively safe bets to do just that.

There's more drama around what will be announced tomorrow -- look for Florida and LSU to get national seeds, with the other three host sites in the running but likely to miss out in the end. We'll also find out how the SEC's bubble teams will do. In all likelihood, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi State will join the five regional hosts, and Texas A&M's chances to make the field are also pretty good. Tennessee is almost certainly out.

The SEC teams that do get berths will probably not go to regionals at SEC schools; the Association tends to avoid that. But there's a chance for match-ups between conference teams at the super regional level, given that it will be impossible to avoid pairing regions with SEC teams if there are nine or more teams from the league in the tournament.