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2014 SEC Baseball Tournament Results: Florida Gators 5, Mississippi St. Bulldogs 1

In a performance that shows how much one day can change things, Florida punched its ticket to the SEC tournament semifinals


Tournament baseball can be a brutal or beautiful experience. Within the space of 24 hours, Mississippi State went from being three outs away from the SEC tournament semifinals to being drummed out the conference playoffs in a relatively noncompetitive game. It took less than 36 hours, on the other hand, for Florida to go from trailing South Carolina 2-0 to heading to the semifinals themselves.

Friday night's game was not much of one. Mississippi State did not even score until the eighth inning, when it was already feeling a little bit like garbage time. The Bulldogs were held to six hits all game, while Florida churned out 10 hits and took advantage of five walks and two Mississippi State errors. MSU never had hits in consecutive innings.

In a way, the game showed why Florida didn't really need to win it. The Gators are a good enough team that they have a national seed locked up. But there's no reason not to go for the title when you can. In baseball, glory can be fleeting.