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It's Bowl Pick 'Em Time!

Get your selections in.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It's December, so that means it's time for a bowl pick 'em contest! You have... (checks watch)... until Saturday to get your selections in. Sorry about the late notice, but it's kind of a crazy time.

Anyway, we're doing the group through Yahoo, just like the regular season group. The group ID is 16832, and the password is secspeed. Good luck to everyone!

And speaking of the regular season group, congrats to Smith Picks for winning this season! Here is how the top ten ended up:

  1. Smith Picks, 1836 points
  2. starry, 1780
  3. Alex Dusza, 1693
  4. Dawg782, 1671
  5. J in JC, 1619
  6. halfahalfpint, 1619
  7. Vinyarddawg's Little Lasty, 1608
  8. bammaticaster, 1606
  9. lsmsrbls, 1604
  10. Passion, 1591