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SEC Power Poll Results for Week Two: Castes

Some shuffling in our poll, but most of the teams are still pretty much in the same general vicinity

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 153 points (10 first-place votes)
2. LSU Tigers, 140 (1)
3t. Texas A&M Aggies, 127
3t. Georgia Bulldogs, 127
5. South Carolina Gamecocks, 113
6. Florida Gators, 93
7. Mississippi Rebels, 91
8. Auburn Tigers, 62
9. Vanderbilt Commodores, 60
10. Tennessee Volunteers, 57
11. Missouri Tigers, 46
12. Arkansas Razorbacks, 40
13. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 34
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 12

Alabama still holds the No. 1 spot and still does so with one dissenting vote, though all that could change as soon as this weekend. South Carolina drops from No. 3 last week to No. 5 this week, while Ole Miss gained rapidly on Florida. I wonder how that happened. And the teams after that rearrange themselves in all sorts of orders.

We're beginning to see the first stages of tiering, where teams break of into closely-bunched groups based largely on voters agree generally how good a set of teams are but maybe not where those stand in relationship to each other. So Alabama and LSU are way out in front, followed by a pack that includes A&M, Georgia and South Carolina, followed by a group consisting of Florida and Ole Miss, then a group that has Auburn, Vanderbilt and Tennessee, then a group that has Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi State, and finally Kentucky. Because Kentucky.



Giving Nick Saban two weeks to prepare for a team that's been in his sights for a year almost seems unfair.--Get the Picture

Only time will tell the ceiling on this team. That time is Saturday in College Station.--Roll Bama Roll


The Hogs looked better than expected in Week 1, but a tough fight against Samford may be a more accurate indication of what fans will see in Fayetteville this season.--College and Magnolia

Even we at Kentucky are not impressed.--A Sea of Blue


Auburn has yet to hold an opponent under 420 yards of offense or 24 first downs. Gus Malzahn has yet to care, or show Nick Marshall the other four-fifths of his playbook.--Dawg Sports

Won the Malzahn Bowl and is now allowed to keep their head coach.--And the Valley Shook


When your fans are hopeful about your starting QB's ankle not getting better, you've got issues.--Georgia Sports Blog

That didn't go well. Remember when Jeff Driskel was the #1 quarterback in high school football? Those were the days.--Red Cup Rebellion


What a difference a week makes. The Dawgs' defense is not up to normal SEC championship standards, but with an offense that good, it might not matter.--College and Magnolia

Georgia is a few defensive backs away from being the most complete team in the SEC (and, ergo, the nation). Really, that offense is truly phenomenal and controlled game against South Carolina.--Red Cup Rebellion


Savor the win, 'Cats. Now come four straight games against ranked opponents.--Get the Picture

Kentucky moved to 1-0 in the MAC and one week closer to basketball season, so really the weekend couldn't have gone much better.--Dawg Sports


The more of the new Zach Mettenberger the better for the Bayou Bengals. He threw for five more touchdowns this week. Maybe his "shaving the mustache" antidote is finally coming around. While the stable of running backs continues to do their thing for Les Miles, Odell Beckham is quickly becoming LSU's biggest weapon (5 receptions for 136 yards and 3 scores this week).--Arkansas Fight

There are some weaknesses on this team to be sure. The difference this year is that an offense may for compensate them.--Roll Bama Roll


Missouri and Tennessee are the only two undefeated teams in the SEC East after two weeks, and I'm thinking those Mayan calendar devotees just miscounted by a year.--Dawg Sports

The Tigers struggled to find running room against Toledo. Have fun with the rest of the SEC.--Red Cup Rebellion


Ate up a cupcake of a squad in Southeast Missouri State, but we're about to find out how Ole Miss stands up to a real, bigtime college football program. You know, after they play Texas.--Dawg Sports

Southeastern Missouri St. gets 17 first downs against the Ole Miss defense? Really?--A Sea of Blue


Oh, there's the offense. Regretfully for Mississippi State, that win only insured they weren't the worst team in Mississippi.--Georgia Sports Blog

We still don't know how good or bad this team is. The bellwether game against Auburn will tell us a lot about both team.--Roll Bama Roll


The Gamecocks find themselves behind the 8-ball at 0-1 in the division with a loss to their top competition. But, the rest of their conference schedule is much more manageable than Georgia's. Perhaps the trend of the UGA-SC loser advancing to Atlanta will continue for a third straight year.--College and Magnolia

With games against UNC and Georgia, Mike Davis is averaging nearly ten yards per carry.--Red Cup Rebellion


Forced seven turnovers and put Bobby Petrino's plans for returning to the SEC on hold.--Get the Picture

Tennessee's defense got some gifts from Western Kentucky (five turnovers in six plays), but they still gave up far too much on the ground. Two big games coming up against Oregon and Florida. If they win one of those, they jump way up this list.--Red Cup Rebellion


Allowed 28 points to Sam Houston St, who I'm sure presents an equal challenge as the Alabama offense. No worries, right?--And the Valley Shook

The Aggies should probably get their running defense figured out before Alabama comes to College Sta- What? That's THIS weekend? Eesh... Sorry, Ags.--Red Cup Rebellion


Austin Peay, against schools from the SEC, has a lost by combined score of: 83-3. Hopefully the Governors were compensated fairly by their in-state opponents.--Arkansas Fight

One end game defensive meltdown away from being in the top 25. That's the thin line between success and failure that mediocre teams walk.--And the Valley Shook