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SEC Power Poll 2013 Results, Week 1: Scatter

Alabama is a near-unanimous No. 1, but doesn't quite get all the votes, and everything after that is kind of up for grabs

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports


1. Alabama Crimson Tide, 153 points (10 first-place votes)
2. LSU Tigers, 141 (1)
3. South Carolina Gamecocks, 127
4. Texas A&M Aggies, 120
5. Georgia Bulldogs, 112
6. Florida Gators, 105
7. Mississippi Rebels, 86
8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 69
9. Arkansas Razorbacks, 59
10. Auburn Tigers, 53
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 47
12. Missouri Tigers, 37
13. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 33
14. Kentucky Wildcats, 13

It's early yet, so there are still some outliers here and there. Heck, there are huge differences in some cases about the same team. Tennessee, for example, was ranked anywhere from 8th to 13th. Texas A&M ranges from 2nd to 6th, etc.

Alabama got all the number one votes except for College and Magnolia, which you might be tempted to say "it figures," but they at least kind of make a case in this post. The only last-place vote that didn't go to Kentucky went to Missouri courtesy of Good Bull Hunting. You got me.



The Tide showed that their team is flawed, just like every other team in the history of college football. In showing those flaws, they won by 25 points.--And the Valley Shook

The offensive line isn't nearly the train wreck as it could be, but it isn't what it was last year. That I've found a sentence to say about Alabama's downside is kinda a new thing, right?--Georgia Sports Blog


Bielema ball looked very effective against UL-Lafayette, grinding out 290 rushing yards and over 500 yards in total. But can they do it against SEC competition?--Dawg Sports

Probably the best team in the SunBelt.--Georgia Sports Blog


Nick Marshall played much more like a safety filling in for an injured quarterback than a starting quarterback.--Arkansas Fight

At least the Tigers didn't lose to Wazzu? The least impressive win of the SEC's opening week, and obviously far less impressive than Georgia's loss. Time plus the substantial freshman talent are on the Tigers' side, but this year is gonna hurt.--Alligator Army


Anemic passing game, excellent defense. So far, Florida 2013 looks a lot like Florida 2012.--Get the Picture

Workmanlike strangulation is what Will Muschamp's teams do at full bore, and so a depleted Florida doing that to the best non-BCS opponent an SEC team faced was actually impressive. Questions about the passing game linger, but the defense is ahead of schedule on its reload, and Matt Jones' backups picked up plenty of rushing yards.--Alligator Army


Lost to a top ten team on the road by a field goal. So obviously, they totally suck.--And the Valley Shook

This week's game versus South Carolina matters more than last week's game in terms of getting to Pasadena, which is good new for the Bulldogs. The bad news? The Gamecocks have an outstanding defensive line and are ranked in the top 15 (No. 6).--Arkansas Fight


"See, beating the Hilltoppers is tougher than it looks!!!"--Joker Phillips--Dawg Sports

As a Kentucky fan, I can only say that it has to get better eventually.--A Sea of Blue


The Bayou Bengals putting up 400+ yards of offense? What is this sorcery?--Dawg Sports

Reporter: "Are concerned about the young defense?" Les Miles' answer: "They looked like an LSU defense to me." Indeed Les, they did.--Arkansas Fight


I know it was against a FCS team, but it was still a convincing win once the Tigers got rolling.--Get the Picture

Blew out a bad team, but trailed 14-13 after the first quarter. Still may be a Big 12 team in disguise.--Alligator Army


Beating Vanderbilt these days is hard, especially in Nashville.--A Sea of Blue

Oodles of great freshmen powered the Rebs to an emotional road win over a rebuilding Vandy team. Those freshmen will find a tougher go of it against better competition, but they sounded their bell.--Alligator Army


You can't win if you can't score. Sorry, I don't make the rules.--A Sea of Blue

The Dan Mullen honeymoon is officially over in Starkville. The Bulldogs put up one field goal on the scoreboard to a team that allowed 82 points in their final two regular season games last season.--Arkansas Fight


I suspect the 'Cocks will be a lot more interested this week than they appeared for the last three quarters against North Carolina.--Get the Picture

Hard to say what is a bigger deal: Clowney's conditioning or the inability to move the ball at will against a middle of the road ACC defense.--Georgia Sports Blog


I don't care that Manziel engages in trash talk, I do mind that he did it against Rice. Have some friggin' standards.--And the Valley Shook

The offense is going to be scary good again, with more skill position talent than last season and no obvious drop-off up front. And Manziel will be Manziel. But 28 points to Rice?--Alligator Army


I'm sure the Vols will look just as good in a couple of weeks against Oregon.--Get the Picture

42-0 at halftime is already an improvement on the dismal Dooley regime. Now let's see it against the Western Kentucky team that smacked Kentucky.--Alligator Army


If the Commodores play an entire game against a good team they way they looked in the second quarter in their opener, they're gonna upset somebody this season.--Get the Picture

One half of good football will only get you a near win over Ole Miss, y'all.--Georgia Sports Blog