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Spurrier Mad at Clowney? Just a Miscommunication

Steve Spurrier was upset with three of his stars yesterday. Today? It's all good.


Yesterday, Steve Spurrier was upset that three injured star players were not at practice. You might have heard of them: Jadeveon Clowney, Bruce Ellington, and Damiere Byrd. He made a comment that Clowney in particular might miss the first game if his shoulder doesn't improve soon.

The general consensus was that Spurrier wasn't so much concerned about his defensive end's health but rather his attitude. As it turns out, he's not so much worried about even that anymore:

"Jadeveon’s doing fine, Bruce is doing fine, Damiere is doing fine," Spurrier said after Tuesday’s morning practice. "They had a communication problem, they didn’t know they were supposed to be out here watching practice, so I’m the dummy on that. Now they know they’re going to be out here watching practice. We had a communication problem and we’re ready to go."

It's all good now. The Head Ball Coach was the dummy. Carry on.

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