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Kentucky's NSD Hype Video Is Pretty Good

No, it's for the football one. I swear.

Kentucky football isn't exactly known for electrifying the nation on National Signing Day, at least not on the football one. However, the school is trying to step things up for new head coach Mark Stoops, and that apparently includes making a hype video.

It's... actually pretty good. It kind of falls apart once it's over and you remember this is Kentucky football we're talking about, where being a hero could plausibly mean "leading the team to a Chick-fil-A Bowl win". But, I suppose the youngins like this sort of thing, and a program has to start somewhere.

Things can still change when tomorrow is done, but Kentucky is doing very well this year by its own standards. It's ranked in the mid-30s on the Rivals team rankings, which is high for a program that usually tops out in the low 40s. Its average star rating is currently an even 3.0, which would be the highest ever. That's still only good enough for 13th in the SEC overall and 12th on average star rating, but as I said, you have to start somewhere.