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Thursday Morning News Blitz 05.09.13

News and notes from around the conference.

"But why do they use the word hash? I don't get it!"
"But why do they use the word hash? I don't get it!"
Sam Greenwood

Being an outspoken technophobe, Muschamp has never been all that comfortable with things like Twitter. This goes to show it even more. I'll help you out, coach. Wikipedia is your friend.



The SEC softball tournament is going on this week, so take a gander at the bracket so far. There are four games today, the first getting underway around 11:00 am ET on ESPNU.

Rock M Nation

The masthead discusses SEC softball prospects, your garden & the most interesting place in the world.


College and Magnolia

The Tigers scored six runs in the sixth inning to put away the Bulldogs.

And the Valley Shook

This just in: the team is good.


Roll Bama Roll

How can you have a College Football Hall of Fame without Derrick Thomas? That is a question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of 1998 (his first year of consideration).


Four islands? Two sinks? Black marble? Where in the heck is Bret Bielema living?

College and Magnolia

The Tigers are coming off a 3-9 campaign, and Gus Malzahn is entering his first season on the Plains. What does Auburn have to do to have a good year?

Alligator Army

Jeff Driskel stands in the shadows of previous Florida quarterbacks. Can he come into his own for the Gators?

Senator Blutarsky

I’ll be the first to admit that at times it’s easy to mock Tony Barnhart’s reporting. But that doesn’t mean he’s useless.


A Sea of Blue

Frank Haith alleges that someone illegally obtained his records, but it probably wasn't the NCAA.

Red Cup Rebellion

Derrick Millinghaus's 3-point attempt in the final minute of the SEC Tournament Quarterfinals may very will dictate the fate of Ole Miss basketball for years to come.

Rocky Top Talk

A stunning move re-tempers expectations for Vol Basketball next season.