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Johnny Manziel Trick Shot Video

The folk hero from Texas A&M adds another chapter to the legend.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Johnny Manziel has a Heisman Trophy to his name, is 1-0 against Nick Saban, and owns one of the nation's most recognizable nicknames with Johnny Football. He now has a pretty awesome trick shot video to go with all of that:

I wouldn't expect anything less from a guy who has "football" in his alternate moniker.

Now with that said, I don't know if I can say that Manziel even has the best trick shot video just among quarterbacks who go by the name "Johnny". You may remember the trick shot video from UConn's Johnny McEntee a couple years back. Here it is again for you to compare the two:

Manziel's video wins on music and production values for sure, and he most certainly wins on celebratory dancing. His upper deck "even longer ball" shot is the most impressive single stunt too. However if the judging is for variety and creativity, I'd have to go with McEntee. It's a tough call.