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Sprints is Reading the BCS Tea Leaves // 3.27.12

Perhaps I should have linked to a colloquial definition of "brass tacks" for the youngsters.

The guys who run the BCS had some more meetings, and they have announced that they're ready to get into some serious negotiations. Yes, they actually put out a statement to let everyone know that they're in the "brass tacks" stage of negotiations. SI's Stewart Mandel did some good reporting to find out some more details about what went on, including information on the different playoff and plus one proposals being tossed about. It sounds like some people are really far apart philosophically.

The most important point is that the discussion was almost entirely focused on playoff parameters. Two commissioners and BCS executive director Bill Hancock insist that a renewal of the current BCS is still on the table, but it doesn't sound like it's the leading plan anymore.

Mystery solved?

South Carolina somehow managed to land a really good basketball coach in Frank Martin, and he's leaving a program in good shape at Kansas State. How's that work? Apparently he had a poor relationship with KSU athletic director John Currie. It will be interesting to see how it works out in Columbia, where the football coach has been known to feud with the management from time to time.

Here's one vote of confidence for a proper SEC channel.

Jon Solomon did a wide ranging interview with Texas A&M AD Bill Byrne late last week, and I encourage you to read all of it. The most interesting thing for me was that he expects the Longhorn Network to fail but does think a real SEC Network would succeed. Beyond that, he discusses not playing Texas anymore, past TV experiences, and recruiting.

Surprise factor: zero.

You won't believe this, but NCAA president Mark Emmert hates the NBA age limit that creates one-and-done players. He doesn't blame the kids for leaving after one year, thankfully. I don't know of anyone outside the NBA leadership who actually likes the rule, really. Emmert doesn't go so far as to propose a system like college baseball has where kids who do go to school are required to stay for three years, but he doesn't have any control over the situation.

His first loss since November.

"Nick Saban High School" was one of about 60 proposed names for a new high school in Montgomery, but alas, the institution will not be named after the best inch-for-inch head coach in all of college football. Instead, they went with the boring "New Park High School". Missed opportunity.