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A Holiday Reminder of How Dumb NCAA Rules Are

Courtesy of Tennessee's compliance department.

Tom Pennington

I follow a few university compliance departments on Twitter. Most don't say much, but they do occasionally put out some interesting things from a side of college sports we all try not to focus on too much.

This morning, Tennessee's compliance department tweeted out a great reminder of how dumb some NCAA rules are:

You're reading this correctly. If a coach gets a holiday greeting in a text message from an unknown number, responding to it in any fashion could be an NCAA violation because text messages are categorically different under the rules from email. Never mind the fact that emails are messages made of text and neither they nor SMS has a manifestation outside the world of electronics.

Yes, the NCAA is woefully out of touch with the way that the athletes it regulates communicate, and a coach merely replying to an unfamiliar "Merry Christmas" can generate paperwork for the compliance department. It's amazing people put up with the NCAA at all sometimes.