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For the Record: UMass vs. Vanderbilt

C'mon, Vandy. Pick on someone your own size

Jared Wickerham

Once again, we have just one bakery game this week, so heregoes.

UMass vs. Vanderbilt, 7 p.m. ET, FSN: Much like Ole Miss, Massachusetts had a controversial nickname and decided to change it. Unlike Mississippi, UMass decided to go ahead and change all the nicknames, thus avoiding the Rebel Black Bear mess. (Also, Minutemen is much cooler than Black Bear.) Also unlike Ole Miss, they appear to have overthought the entire thing.

Massachusetts Minutemen is a word combination with eye and ear appeal. The combination lodges quickly in the mind and falls easily from the lips.

And probably gets defeated by a few touchdowns in Nashville tonight. Vanderbilt 45, UMass 17