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Sprints Wants to be Devan Downey When It Grows Up (Figuratively Speaking) // 01.27.10

Devan Downey might be short, but he stands taller than Kentucky
It's a bit early to lead with basketball, but South Carolina defeated the previously undefeated and No. 1 Kentucky Wildcats in a wildly entertaining game Tuesday night.

The star was Devan Downey, who might be the shortest starter in the SEC this year but played an incredible game and almost single-handedly defeated Kentucky. For Gamecock fans, the win was a sign of hope for the young Darrin Horn Era.

It hasn't been pretty at times and we might not make the NCAAs, but tonight our guys earned a landmark victory and I suspect they'll earn a few more before the season is over.

For Kentucky fans, it was a sign that head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari can't yet break the Wildcats' bad luck against South Carolina in both major sports.

Devan Downey was just unstoppable, and he has a special love for beating Kentucky, which he has been able to enjoy for the last four meetings. That's great for Gamecock fans, but it hurts to have to write yet another lament starring the Gamecocks in the role of the villain. Kentucky fans have no right to complain. This team may have gotten a unanimous nod from the Associated Press voters, but they have not really been tested much.

In the interest of avoiding bragging by your humble correspondent, it's best we move on.

Houston Nutt will be looking for a new stenographer offensive coordinator. Kent Austin is headed to Cornell to sip red wine, much on caviar and coach a football game or two.

Since he's the one that's responsible for all their wins in the first place
South Carolina assistant head coach for defense Ellis Johnson could see his salary double, which should put him in line with some of the higher-paid coordinators in the conference now that Monte-bags Kiffin is in Los Angeles. That's probably just about right; Johnson might mean more to his team's success than any other assistant coach in the conference.

Of course. That's what Washington would do.
Jack Del Rio will not leak his evaluation of Tim Tebow.

"I will have (a full scouting report) on Tim at some point, but I won’t give it to you any time soon," said Del Rio while watching Tuesday’s Senior Bowl practice. "It’s way too early in the process to get into those sorts of discussions."

After all, the NFL coaches have only seen Tebow for a couple of days. Nothing in their college career counts until the superior minds of the NFL have seen players for themselves.

Miami Dolphins interested in Tebow
Contrary to what the NFL believes, the Dolphins did not invent the Wildcat -- they stole it from the same college folks that stole it from the 1950s. In any case, the team famous for INVENTING THE BRAND-NEW WILDCAT THAT'S BEEN AROUND FOR DECADES sounds open to drafting Tebow.

"The thing that Tim does, and this is no secret, obviously this guy knows how to win, and that's not something you can take lightly at all. You get a player the caliber of him that comes with the stripes he has and has won as many games as he's been involved in winning at Florida in that kind of program, it says an awful lot," Sparano said.

Wait a minute? So winning games in college actually does mean something?