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Sprints Wonders Why Everyone Doesn't Want to Talk More About Tebow and Abortion // 01.26.10

The Greatest Senior Bowler of Our Era?
Tim Tebow had an ... um, uneven day at the Senior Bowl practices Monday.

Performing drills with fellow South team quarterbacks Zac Robinson of Oklahoma State and Jarrett Brown of West Virginia, Tebow fumbled the ball at least twice while taking snaps under center.

Later in team drills, Tebow fell into his same old habits – holding onto the ball too long, locking onto receivers and throwing wobbly passes. ...

"I don’t think he was at his best today, but I think he was OK," said Marc Trestman, a longtime NFL and college quarterbacks coach who worked with Tebow for a few days in Miami before coming to the Senior Bowl. "I’ve seen him throw the ball better. But you look at all of these kids today, they’re playing in a new system of football, there’s a lot of thinking going on, especially at the quarterback position. I don’t think he hurt himself."

Not that it matters. We all know that Urban Meyer's leave of absence is an elaborate trick that will end with him coaching Tim Tebow in Jacksonville, Brett Favre as the quarterbacks coach and Jack Del Rio taking over in Gainesville.

I think he might be wrong
Tebow might be a test case if he's projected to be a high-round draft pick: How much will the abortion ad hurt him?

A team that doesn't want that shouldn't take me. Pro-life is very important to me. My mother listened to God late in her pregnancy, and if she had listened to others and terminated me, obviously I wouldn't be here. If others don't have the same belief, it's OK. I understand. But I hope they respect that at least I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in.

You have much to learn, Young Grasshopper. Most GMs and NFL executives would rather nuke their home town than offend a potential customer and risk losing a season ticket holder. (HT: Alligator Army)

Since when have there been standards for Super Bowl ads?
Prochoice groups are less than thrilled with the prospect of a pro-life commercial with a wildly popular athlete in the middle of the biggest sporting event of the year.

"An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year -- an event designed to bring Americans together,'' said Jemhu Greene, president of the New York-based Women's Media Center in an interview with the Associated Press.

After all, nothing brings Americans together like gaseous horses.

Don't look at the margin
DeMarcus Cousins, what message did the voters send when they ranked Kentucky a unanimous No. 1?

"They hate us," he said. "They hate the fact we’re doing big things. Everybody’s saying we’re good, but we’re not able to do anything because we’re so young. We’re the last undefeated team, but we’re so young.

"So much of it is back-firing in their faces, and they don’t know how to handle it."

Right. And what would you have said if they hadn't been unanimous? They loved you?