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Derek Dooley: I'M NOT LANE KIFFIN!!!

He didn't put it in quite so many words, but anyone who watched Friday night's introduction of Derek Dooley as the new Tennessee head coach could clearly see that he was trying to make it clear that he was no Boy Wonder clone.

From my notes:

I'm not going to sell this program and what we're about to do in a sound byte. It's impossible.

I have a lot of respect for this league. I have a lot of respect for the coaches in this league, and I'm going to conduct myself in that manner.

If you're going to look for sound bytes and things like that from me that's going to attack other people or disparage programs, that's not me.

Mike Hamilton, for his part, seemed almost entranced by Dooley's organization and time management skills. That seemed like slightly odd praise, though LSU fans might tell you that time management skills are an underrated positive in a head coach. Tennessee best hope that the most telling signs of the Dooley era come from the coach's own remarks -- and not from the man who hired him.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Between the Dooley hiring and Georgia agreeing to terms with new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, the high-profile jobs in the conference are closed and most of the news that's been made in the immediate offseason has been made. Sprints will take a week off and return on Monday, Jan. 25.