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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Final Week

Yeah, it's not as prompt as I would like, either. Circumstances ...

1. Florida.
Whom did you expect?

2. Alabama
This tells you it's a down year for the SEC -- the Tide lost to the Utes and remained second on my list.

3. Mississippi
The rebels might be able to gain control in the West. Consider: Alabama loses some important players, LSU is still rebuilding from the Perrilloux fiasco and Auburn -- Auburn just hired Gene Chizik, in case you didn't hear. So they're looking good in 2009.

4. Georgia
What to say here? So much talent and offensive firepower, done in by a couple of line injuries. But hey, you're just losing your starting QB and star RB this year, so next should be fine, right?

5. LSU
We can has defense!!!!! Now, if the Bayou Bengals had exhibited evidence of this little-known side of the ball against Florida and Georgia, who can tell what might have happened?

6 (tie). Vanderbilt
6 (tie). South Carolina

Don't be fooled by the fact that Vandy finished strongly and South Carolina didn't. Either of these teams showed an amazing capacity during the year to either win or lose any game they played. Except against Florida but, well, that was Florida. They're both essentially the same team, though South Carolina has a slightly better defense. Both laugh at this thing you call "offense."

8. Kentucky
This is either the most undeserving bowl team to ever win a postseason game or the most underperforming team to actually make a bowl in 2008.

9. Arkansas
Because they beat LSU.

10. Tennessee
They actually finished the season "strong" by defeating Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Now, about that Wyoming loss ...

11. Auburn
Because they hired Gene Chizik. Oh, and had an awful season.

12. Mississippi State
When half of your wins come from Southeastern Louisiana and Middle Tennessee (and one of your losses is against Louisiana Tech), I have a tough time taking you seriously.